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David Cherry

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Welcome, I'm David Cherry

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Genuine, Unique, and Authentically Fun!
Meet: David C. Cherry

Hi! I’m David Cordell Cherry, a Black queer SAG-E voice actor, local to Atlanta, Georgia. I’m passionate on authentically portraying characters in performance while enjoying the fun from every role. I’ve done work in live action dubbing, regional commercials for Zaxby's & Under Armour, video games and even on camera promo work for notable companies such as Adult Swim and Cartoon Network.

My professional voice over background as well as my gaming background as a content creator has and continues to lead me further in both the voiceover and gaming industry space. I’m a Twitch ambassador, host, and partner of the platform under the alias DataDave, as well as a Voice Director for an indie gaming studio. Allow me to bring my unique background, plethora of talents, and experiences to represent your brand and carry your message.