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David Cherry

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Welcome, I'm David Cherry

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I'm David Cherry

I'm a Black indigenous queer voice actor local to Atlanta, Georgia with a passion on acting, writing, gaming, and the fun that comes from being a part of the creative process. I participate actively in acting workshops, and am always in pursuit to develop and further my skills in the field of acting while working in the space. I'm always learning something new from every class and every directed job. I still an avid watcher of cartoons and anime and quite often collaborate with authors on their narratives for projects. For gaming, I’ve been playing since the Sega Genesis and have been actively gaming since. Gaming is what led me to pursue my Bachelors and Masters degree in Computer Science.

Since then, I’ve had both of these fields as an active part of my working life. I've done voice acting in video games, animation, e-learning and commercials with a goal to be full time in the voice over industry. I also livestream daily at where I’ve been a Twitch Partner since 2016 and became a Twitch Ambassador in 2018.